Alliance A Delivery for Thorg'izog

Using your Blackrock Disguise, bring the Slider Cider-Marinated Cutlets to General Thorg'izog at Firegut Furnace in Burning Steppes. Speak with Colonel Troteman if you need a new Blackrock Disguise.



General Thorg'izog is staying among the ogres in the Firegut Furnace, a cave on the western edge of Dreadmaul Rock. I'd like you to deliver this to him and the ogres.

Inside this package, you will find the worg cutlets you obtained, marinated in the fel slider cider that we took from the Altar of Storms.

I would avoid eating it if I were you.

Bring it to General Thorg'izog. He will make sure that his troops are fed and, with any luck, he will eat some himself.


You will also receive:

Level 15