A Delivery for Neeralak

Using your Blackrock Disguise, sneak into the Skull Warren and convince Dragon-Lord Neeralak to take your Crate of Sleeping Flamekin. Speak with Eitrigg if you need a new Blackrock Disguise.



The warlocks of the Blackrock Clan often practice their magic in the Skull Warren, a cave on the eastern side of Dreadmaul Rock. Their leader, Xi'lun, is busy elsewhere, so the cave is currently being held by another of the Big Three: Dragon-Lord Neeralak. And Neeralak's expertise is in dragons, not in necromancy.

I've used the slumber sand on those flamekin you captured. Try to convince Neeralak that they're warlock imps, and not flamekin. When they wake up, they won't be happy.


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Level 15