Slay Shy-Rotam.




Time for the big kill, pal! Shy-Rotam lurks in the north, the largest frostsaber of them all.

You should feel honored. There's no fiercer game for a hunter to match their skills against... and if you saw the cash I'm being offered by gourmands that want a piece of this fellow, your eyes would pop out!

Once you've got her, head on back to camp. Don't want to totally exhaust our frostsaber population in one day...


You will receive:

Shy-Rotam Steak

You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Shy Breastplate Shy Shrug
Breastplate of the Fifth Hunter Frostsaber Helm
Corpse Dragger's Shield

You will also receive:

Level 40