Horde Mulgore Spice Bread

Use Mulgore Spices with Spice Bread to create 5 Fresh Mulgore Spice Bread (you may make your own Spice Bread or use someone else's). Deliver the bread to Aska Mistrunner in Thunder Bluff.




I am often asked, "Aska, who is making all this Mulgore spice bread?!"

It is a reasonable question. Our fine and noble bread is traded in countless settlements in the most far-away lands, even by our staunchest foes. IT'S JUST THAT GOOD.

And the answer...?

It is "YOU." Please take this packet of Mulgore spices and use it to turn bland, boring spice bread into MULGORE spice bread!


You will receive:

Epicurean's Award

You will also receive:

Level 10