Evacuation Orders

Evacuate the Blacksoil Family, the Spadepaw Family, the Greentill Family, and the Marlfur Family.



A few farmers remain in the fields... some perilously close to the crumbling wall. I don't want any farmers pretending to be heroes. We will take care of this mantid swarm, and then they can return to their homes.

My Shado-Pan are too busy defending this town to organize evacuations. You want to prove yourself useful? Get those farmers out of harm's way.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Silkmasters' Satin Pauldrons Sunsoaked Pauldron
Huangtze Scale Pauldrons Paoquan Burnished Pauldrons
Gilded Fan Silk Pauldrons Plainshawk Pauldron
Wild Plains Pauldrons Thunderfoot Heavy Pauldrons
Sunsong Armored Pauldrons

You will also receive:

Level 81