The Quest for Better Barley

Find the Malted Cave Barley at the base of the Winds' Edge.




Looking for sweet grain? My father once mentioned a malted cave barley that sounds about right.

If you are willing to brave the peril, there is an ancient cave at the base of the Winds' Edge south of here.

There is even an old lift my father made when he would travel into the jungle.

In the cave is a bush as old as my family. From that bush you can pluck a grain so sweet it will humble your senses.

Just watch out for its guardians.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Silkmasters' Satin Cord Sunsoaked Belt
Huangtze Scale Waistguard Paoquan Burnished Clasp
Gilded Fan Silk Cord Plainshawk Belt
Wild Plains Belt Thunderfoot Heavy Girdle
Sunsong Armored Girdle

You will also receive:

Level 81