Recover 10 Mogu Artifacts.




Mogu are thugs. They have always been thugs.

Only when they ruled their empires in the old stories did they ever know any kind of magic.

But these mogu are using arcane portals and spells. We need to stop them!

$p, look for any artifacts the mogu are using to cast their magics with. I saw a number of their collectors and reclaimers to the west and north that were gathering these items.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Nayeli Cuffs Mortbreath Bindings
Deepwild Armguards Narsong Bracers
Angkhal Cuffs Riverblade Armwraps
Sarjun Wristguards Korjan Armplates
Dojani Bracers

You will also receive:

Level 81