Love's Labor

Deliver the jade to Historian Dinh, Surveyor Sawa, Kitemaster Shoku, and Taskmaster Emi.


Can I trouble you for another favor?

We're way behind schedule, and this jade shipment is the last we need to finish the great statue.

I've got my hands full, so could you run this ore over to the other foremen?

Historian Dinh, Surveyor Sawa, and Kitemaster Shoku can all be found around the base of the statue. Taskmaster Emi is directing production at the top of the statue.

We're on a deadline, so make sure you do it fast! Time's a wasting!


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Singing Cricket Medallion Grove Viper Medallion
Coral Adder Medallion Flamelager Medallion
Amberfly Idol

You will also receive:

Level 80