Alliance Mogu?! Oh No-gu!

Kill the Mogujia Soul-Caller.




I know your friends are worried about the animating statues over at Mogujia, but I'll tell you what you should really be worried about. Where there are animated statues, there are mogu. I don't know if you've seen one before, but if you haven't... Well, let's just say mogu are bad, bad, news. While you're dealing with whatever else you're doing, you need to get the mogu behind the trouble!


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Waterfall Hood Mushan Hide Helm
Dreaming Spirit Helm Serenity Headcover
Mindbender Cowl Silentleaf Helm
Yak Herder Helm Summit Guardian Helm
Wallwatcher Helm

You will also receive:

Level 82