The Burlap Grind

Feed the Flask of Kafa to Kota Kon at Kota Basecamp, then kill 100 Hozen along The Burlap Trail.




Okayyy... well, she's not eating anybody. That's a good start.

She must want more kafa, but we gotta give her somethin' to do with all the extra energy...

I got it! The Burlap Trail! She can smash hozen out there all day!

<Burrberry turns to the massive beast.>

What do you think, pretty girl? Wanna smash hozens?!

I think so. Here, feed her my emergency flask of kafa. She likes you.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Waterfall Treads Mushan Hide Footguards
Dreaming Spirit Sabatons Serenity Greaves
Mindbender Treads Silentleaf Boots
Yak Herder Sabatons Summit Guardian Warboots
Wallwatcher Warboots

You will also receive:

Level 82