Make A Fighter Out of Me

Kill 4 Amani Skirmishers, 4 Gurubashi Hexxers, and 3 Drakkari Frostweavers in Zouchin Province.



Shhh! Don't speak so loudly! My father might hear you.

<Shomi gestures to Steelbender Doshu.>

My father is delusional! He thinks I should be studying my tea pouring while our village is under attack. It's ridiculous! I have just as much courage as any man. I just don't know how to fight... yet.

That's where you come in. Let me travel with you! I'm a fast learner and I won't get in the way I promise!


If we get separated I'll meet you back in the village.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Shomi's Greatsword Shomi's Mace
Shomi's Shield Shomi's Ward
Shomi's Dagger Shomi's Axe
Shomi's Crane Shomi's Fan
Hero's Purse

You will also receive:

Level 82