Unto Dust Thou Shalt Return

Use the Blades of the Anointed on the corpse of High Inquisitor Whitemane to send her permanently to her final rest.



<You take the second anointed blade in hand and feel the power of both swords course through you.>

<There is but one thing left to do. As the mysterious, hooded woman explained, to put an end to the Scarlet Crusade, you must thrust both blades into the corpse of High Inquisitor Whitemane.>


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Martial Purification Gauntlets Gauntlets of Righteous Conviction
Zealous Fervor Handguards Gloves of Sanctity
Beneficent Gloves Scarlet Visionary Gloves
Gloves of Fiery Purification Gauntlets of Bloody Judgment
Crimson Monk Handwraps

You will also receive:

Level 90