A Kor'kron In Our Midst

Collect 1 Kor'kron Helmet, 1 Kor'kron Armor, and 1 Kor'kron Boots, then combine them into a Kor'kron Disguise.


Garrosh is hell-bent on finding that Divine Bell. I wouldn't be surprised if he tore Kun-Lai Summit apart to find that artifact.

The Warchief's called a gathering at Garrosh'ar Advance, just to our north.

I need to stay here to monitor troop movements, so you'll have to infiltrate their camp and overhear their discussion.

Go to Garrosh'ar Advance and steal some Kor'kron Armor from Reavers, Honor Guards, and Scouts.

Take this radio earpiece. Don't contact me... I'll contact you.


You will also receive:

Level 15