Infiltrating the Sargerei

Collect a Sargerei Robe, Sargerei Cowl, and Sargerei Slippers to create a Sargerei Disguise. Don the disguise, then speak to Soulbinder Zamaya and Anchorite Laanda.


One of my men has already infiltrated the Sargerei's ranks, but I need you to help him.

In order to protect his cover, you will need to disguise yourself as one of the enemy.

Kill Sargerei until you collect a cowl, robe, and slippers to create a disguise.

After donning the disguise, introduce yourself to Soulbinder Zamaya as a new student, then tell Anchorite Laanda that 'the rain falls on Shadowmoon.'

The secret phrase will identify yourself as an ally.


You will also receive:

Level 40