Alliance Warlord of Draenor

Kill Enemy Players in Player versus Player combat to earn 20 Broken Bones then place an offering at the Altar of Bones to Earn a Conqueror's Tribute.


The Exarchs do nothing but squabble amongst themselves over petty issues while our people are slaughtered in their homes by orc filth. If they will not raise a fist of defiance against our enemies, I will.

I wish to join your Alliance and rid this world of Horde. ALL HORDE - "Iron" or otherwise.

This Altar of Bones that I stand upon represents glory in battle against our Horde enemy. Place an offering upon it and earn a conqueror's tribute worthy of your unrelenting bloodthirst.

Kill. Them. All.


You will receive:

Garrison Resources

You will also receive:

Level 90