Horde Thirst Unending

Use your Arcane Torrent racial ability on a Mana Wyrm, then return to Arcanist Helion.



If there is only one lesson you deign to remember from your time on Sunstrider Isle, let it be this - control your thirst for magic. It is a thirst unending, <name> - what you absorb must be controlled and released via Arcane Torrent. Failure is to become one of the Wretched... hopelessly addicted and insane.

Seek out a mana wyrm and unleash your Arcane Torrent upon it. Learn to master your power. When you have sufficiently released an Arcane Torrent, return to me.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Green Plate Gauntlets Vigorous Bracers
Striding Pants Gleaming Chain Bindings

You will also receive:

Level 2