The Head of the Snake

Defeat Athissa.



Those naga have the Tidestone shards, <name>. They will soon be dragging them into their watery holes, away from our reach.

It would be wise to take out their leaders before that happens.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Gale of Azshara Cursed Dissection Blade
Enchanted El'dranil Frond Oracle's Sharpening Stone
Depths Shard Ice Crystal Eternal Mage Flame
Blood of the Snake Jewel of Nar'thalas
Heron's Grace Corrupted Farondis House Insignia
Life-Giving Pearl Etched Talisman of Nar'thalas
Azshara's Tempest Azshara's Ire
Resilient Skrog Blood Instructor's Crystal Head

You will also receive:

Level 98