Lieutenant of the Tower

Kill Desdel Stareye.


All of your instincts were correct. Gul'dan raised Lord Ravencrest, and his ghostly army, from beyond the grave. Now, they serve the Legion, protecting secrets within the tower.

Although Ravencrest commands from above, Lieutenant Desdel Stareye operates the prisons.

He tormented me these past few moons, but I did not yield.

<Maiev runs a finger along her curved blade.>

His life must be ended.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Tower Magi's Eye Small Highborne Figurine
The Jailer's Cat Tail The Interrogator's Vial
Araxxas's Badge Gul'dan's Commission
Everflame Arrowhead Inquisitor's Fire-Brand Tip
Death's Chill Mirror Shard Defiant Frozen Fist
Blessed Cup of the Moon Elune Graced Signet
Rook Fired Ore The Forgemaster's Hammer Head
Nourishmoss Revitalizing Incense
Vial of Dormant Shadowswarm Patch of Risen Saber Pelt
Guile of the Hold's Sky Terrors Wind-Whipped Hold Banner Strip

You will also receive:

Level 98