Where Dragons Rule

Speak to Vethir to fly to the top of Thorim's Peak.


Thanks to your help, Thrymjaris was able to escape the clutches of that vile demon. She bid me wait for you, so that I could take you to her once you had finished dispatching your foes. She has gathered our brood at the top of Thorim's Peak to prepare for a counterattack. Would you join us?


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Thrymjaris' Grace Erratic Stormforce
Drekirjar Lifeblood Crystallized Tideskorn Cruelty
Hrydshal Forgeflame Thrymjaris' Fury
Thorim's Peak Snowcap Drekirjar Jarl's Disdain
Sigil of Hrydshal Storm-Charged Lodestone
Stormborn Courage Hrydshal Weald
Azariah's Last Moments Shade of Thorim's Peak
Breath of Vethir Thorignir Slipstream

You will also receive:

Level 98