Horde Down to the Core

Retrieve the Power Cores from Oldus, Or'ell, Olmoore, and Oll'ison. Bring them back to Kharmeera when you have all four.



The ring enchantments you know now are good, but I know of better ones that exist. That is to say, I know of stronger enchantments that would be suitable for rings.

According to legend, there are four constructs whose cores were imbued with magical enchantments. These constructs now patrol the streets of Suramar City.

If you were to gather some friends and defeat these constructs, you could take their cores for us to study.


You will learn:

Formula List: Advanced Ring Enchantments

You will learn:

Binding of Critical Strike

You will learn:

Binding of Haste

You will learn:

Binding of Mastery

You will learn:

Binding of Versatility

You will also receive:

  • 22 50 (if completed at level 120)
Level 110