Into the Oculus

Talk to Archmage Khadgar when you are ready to travel to the Oculus.


I fear Kathra'natir is behind the attack on Meryl. We have little time to act. I suspect Archmage Vargoth's involvement is no coincidence. While it greatly pains me to destroy an archmage of his caliber and worse, someone I once called friend, we cannot permit his betrayal to stand unpunished. It is time to follow him into the Oculus.


You will receive:

Order Resources

You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Arcanum of the Order Heartbeat of the Order
Fel Ward of the Order Flame of the Order
Icy Core of the Order Light of the Order
Iron Will of the Order Prosperity of the Order
Dusk of the Order Gale Wind of the Order

You will also receive:

Level 45