The Fourth Horseman

Obtain the Fourth Horseman.


The Lich King demands too much! Tirion Fordring deserves more than a life of anguish and undeath!

Know this, Deathlord... I will obey your will, but there will be no redemption for what we are about to do.

The Silver Hand will never hand Tirion to us. The path to the Fourth Horseman will be soaked in righteous blood!

Blood that will stain our hands forever.

Your will be done, Deathlord. I will begin the preparations to invade Light's Hope. If this is what it takes to save our world, so be it!


You will receive:

Order Resources

You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Arcanum of the Order Heartbeat of the Order
Fel Ward of the Order Flame of the Order
Icy Core of the Order Light of the Order
Iron Will of the Order Prosperity of the Order
Dusk of the Order Gale Wind of the Order

You will also receive:

Level 45