Hunt the Hunter

Slay Warmother Boatema near the Frogmarsh.


Please, help us. De Frogmarsh is under siege! My master, de great loa, Krag'wa, is not willing to bend to de will of de blood trolls and their dark god. So now, dey are taking his power by force! Dey are slaying his children and taking his totems of power. Dey will even take Krag'wa and sacrifice him if we are not able to end dis madness! Stop dem! Slay their leader. Perhaps dat will slow dem down for a while. It will give me time to find a more permanent solution.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Bloody Warmother's Greatcloak Loa Speaker's Bands
Nazmani Warplate Armguards Death-Pledged Bindings
Ritual Flayer's Armbands

You will also receive:

Level 20