Shoak's on the Menu

Rescue Shoak from the Natha'vor trolls.



I don't know what stupid thing Shoak did to get captured by the Natha'vor trolls, we'll find out once you rescue him. I bet they're getting ready to make a meal out of Shoak. You need to work fast and get him out! Shoak's one of the largest oafs that I know, those trolls won't be happy that you're taking their "meal" away.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Nazmani Warplate Legguards Loa Speaker's Pants
Death-Pledged Greaves Ritual Flayer's Trousers
Nazmani Warplate Waistplate Loa Speaker's Sash
Death-Pledged Links Ritual Flayer's Waistband

You will also receive:

Level 110