Grand Theft Telemancy

Slay Urda Direflame and then place a telemancy beacon near the Eye of Xibala.


They must not keep the Eye, <name>. Fortunately I am more than an archaeologist. I am a telemancer. Chief Telemancer Oculeth himself trained the woman who trained my master. I can retrieve the relic with these arts. All you need to do is place a telemancy beacon near the Eye. I can then retrieve both it AND you safely back to camp. The Alliance will find themselves empty-handed. While you're at it, do deliver my "thanks" to the individual responsible for snatching the Eye out from under us.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Reliquary Explorer's Drape Rastari Treads
Zanchuli Footwraps Torcalin Treads
Jambani Treads

You will also receive:

Level 110