The Fall of Emperor Korthek

Defeat Emperor Korthek.


Korthek finally approaches. It's been many years since I've faced him in battle. When he first rose to power, I failed my people. I will not falter again. I am prepared to do what must be done. What I should have done long ago. We must kill Korthek and take his key to prevent him, Jakra'zet, or anyone else from ever resurrecting Mythrax. When you are prepared, we will face him together.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Korthek's Greatstaff Skycaller's Ceremonial Mace
Sethraliss-Blessed Shortblade Spireguard's Greatbow
Korthek's Staff Keeper's Crescent
Spireguard's Waraxe Sethraliss-Blessed Greatblade

You will also receive:

Level 30