An Explosive Exit

Find Nisha's wagon and ride it to safety.


Alright, $p. I think it's time we make a run for it. Hopefully my wagon's still nearby. I'll steer us to our hideaway. I just need you to lob explosives onto any sethrak who are brave enough to follow us.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Zem'lan Crewman's Cloak Cobra Charmer's Ring
Fangcaller's Staff Sandcaster's Conductive Scimitar
Sethrak Warden's Staff Sandscout's Kris
Sethrak Sandscout's Bow Sethrak Warbringer's Scimitar
Sethrak Ravager's Claws Sethrak Aggressor's Scimitar
Sethrak Warden's Scimitar

You will also receive:

Level 30