Alliance Lines of Communication

Puluu at the Orebor Harborage wants you to kill 12 Marshfang Slicers.




One of the reasons Ikuti led us to Zangarmarsh was to help open the lines of communication between the draenei and the Kurenai home city of Telaar in Nagrand. In order for messengers to pass swiftly between Telaar and Telredor, the roads must be secured.

On our way here, we were attacked repeatedly by marshfang slicers. We were able to fight them off, but they would pose a formidable threat to a solitary messenger. Reducing their numbers will help ensure the safety of our messengers.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Ensorcelled Marshfang Blade Keen Marshfang Slicer
Marshfang Blade Axe Keen Marshfang Shanker

You will also receive:

Level 60