Returning the Favor

Lantresor of the Blade at the Burning Blade Ruins in Nagrand wants you to drive 10 Kil'sorrow Banners through the bodies of Warmaul ogres at the Laughing Skull Ruins.

Return any unused Kil'sorrow Banners.




Now you must plant the seed of war in the fat, useless heads of the Warmaul. To the northwest, near the mountains, you will find the Laughing Skull Ruins.

<Lantresor points into the crate of armaments you brought him.>

Do you recognize those banners? They are Kil'sorrow banners. I want you to take a stack of Kil'sorrow banners and plant them on the corpses of Warmaul ogres. Remember, northwest is where you will find the ogres.


You will also receive:

Level 64