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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains
Assault on the Rotbrain Encampment 22-120 Horde
Pick one:
560 XP
Vital Intelligence 22-120 Horde
Night Web's Hollow 22-120 Horde
Pick one:
No Better Than the Zombies 33-120 Horde
Pick one:
Novice Elreth 22-120 Horde
Novice Elreth 22-3
Scourge on our Perimeter 1-120 Horde
Pick one:
The Damned 33-120 Horde
Pick one:
The Executor In the Field 33-120 Horde
The Truth of the Grave 22-120 Horde
Recruitment 1-120 Horde
Pick one:
Shadow Priest Sarvis 1-120 Horde
Beyond the Graves 1-120 Horde
Caretaker Caice 1-120 Horde
Fresh out of the Grave 1-120 Horde
The Shadow Grave 1-120 Horde
The Wakening 1-120 Horde
Those That Couldn't Be Saved 1-120 Horde
Pick one:
Welcome! 1-120
Pick one: