Quickened Mind

Quickened Mind

Instant3 sec cooldown

When activated, your next 3 spells cast nearly instantaneously.


Quickened Mind


Casting spells nearly instantaneously.

2 minutes remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameQuickened Mind
SchoolsArcaneDamage TypeMagic
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategorySpecial Category
Dispel TypeMagicProc Chance100%
Proc Charges3
Procs when
  • Player deals special (yellow) melee damage
  • Player deals auto attack (white) ranged damage (with a bow, etc)
  • Player deals special (yellow) ranged damage (with a bow, etc)
  • Player casts a beneficial spell
  • Player casts a harmful spell
Effect #1

Decrease Casting Time

Amount: -100%

Affected Spells

 Aftershocks Aftershocks Alter Time Alter Time Arcane Assault Arcane Assault Arcane Barrage Arcane Barrage Arcane Barrage Arcane Blast Arcane Blast Arcane Blast Arcane Blast Arcane Blast Arcane Blast Arcane Charge Arcane Charge Arcane Charge Arcane Explosion Arcane Missiles Arcane Missiles Arcane Missiles Arcane Missiles Arcane Missiles Arcane Missiles Arcane Missiles Arcane Missiles Arcane Missiles Arcane Missiles! Arcane Orb Arcane Orb Arcane Power Arcane Rebound Arcane Rebound Archmagi Armor Black Icicle Black Icicle Blazing Barrier Blazing Barrier Blazing Speed Blink Blink Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard Brain Freeze Brain Freeze Cauterize Cauterize Cauterized Chilled Chilled Chilled Chilled Chilling Touch Chilling Touch Chilling Touch Chilling Touch Cinderstorm Cinderstorm Comet Storm Comet Storm Comet Storm Conflagration Conflagration Conflagration Flare Up Conjure Familiar Conjure Familiar Displacement Displacement Beacon Ebonbolt Ebonbolt Enhanced Pyrotechnics Enhanced Pyrotechnics Fingers of Frost Fingers of Frost Fingers of Frost Fire Blast Flame Patch Flame Patch Flurry Flurry Flurry Flurry Flurry Flurry Freeze Freeze Frost Armor Frost Armor Frost Armor Frost Bomb Frost Bomb Frost Nova Frost Nova Frost Nova Frost Nova Frostbite Frostbite Frostbolt Frostbolt Frozen Orb Frozen Orb Frozen Orb Frozen Orb Glacial Eruption Glacial Eruption Glacial Spike Glacial Spike Glacial Spike Glacial Spike! Glyph of Conjure Familiar Greater Invisibility Greater Invisibility Greater Invisibility Greater Invisibility Hot Streak Hot Streak! Ice Armor Ice Armor Ice Barrier Ice Lance Ice Lance Ice Lance Ice Lance Ice Time Icicle Icicle Icicle Icicle Icicle Icicle Icicle Icicle Icicle Icicle Icicle Ignite Image of Aegwynn Improved Arcane Power Improved Water Elemental Inferno Blast Invisibility Invisibility Invisibility Item - Druid T10 Balance 4P Bonus Languish Living Bomb Living Bomb Living Bomb Living Bomb Living Bomb Mage Armor Mark of Aluneth Mark of Aluneth Mark of Aluneth Mastery: Icicles Mastery: Ignite Meteor Meteor Meteor Burn Meteor Burn Mirror Image Mirror Image Mirror Image Mirror Image Mirror Image Mirror Image Mirror Image Mirror Image Mirror Image Mirror Image Molten Armor Nether Tempest Nether Tempest Phoenix Reborn Phoenix Reborn Phoenix's Flames Phoenix's Flames Prismatic Crystal Prismatic Crystal Pyroblast Pyroblast! Ray of Frost Ray of Frost Ray of Frost Ring of Frost Ring of Frost Ring of Frost Ring of Frost Rocket Launch Rocket Launch Rocket Launch Rune of Power Rune of Power Rune of Power Rune of Power Shader Test Spell (Dissolve) Shader Test Spell (Edge Glow 1) Shader Test Spell (Edge Glow 2) Shader Test Spell (Shadowy) Shader Test Spell (Vertex Alpha) Shader Test Spell (Vertex Color) Spark Frenzy Spark Frenzy Spark Frenzy Spark Frenzy Spark Frenzy Spellsteal Spellsteal Super Rocket Launch Temporal Ripples Temporal Shield Testing 01 Time and Space Time and Space Warmth of the Phoenix Warmth of the Phoenix Water Jet Water Jet Winter's Chill