Spear of Xuen

Spear of Xuen

2 sec cast3

Crafted during the Zandalari Troll Wars, this imposing spear is surprisingly lightweight and flexible. Its lacquered wooden shaft is gouged with deep scars, though the tip appears completely unscathed. Judging by the length of this weapon and its date of origin, you presume it was a mounted weapon intended for use from the back of a flying serpent. Scratched into the weathered handle is a note: "The only opponent is yourself." Xuen, the White Tiger, is legendary for his ferocity and prowess in battle. It is at his temple, high in the mountains of Kun Lai Summit, that hopeful warriors temper their strength with discipline.

Spear of Xuen
Item Level 39
Upgrade Level: 0/1
Binds to Battle.net account
Two Hand
18 - 36 Damage
Speed 3.60
(7.5 damage per second)
+10 Agility
+15 Stamina
+10 Critical Strike (1.75% at L32)
+10 Mastery
Requires Level 32
"Artifact details have already been logged in your Archaeology Journal, under the Completed Artifacts tab."
Sell Price: 102 99 89

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameSpear of Xuen
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryNone
Skill LineArchaeologySkill Difficulty600
  • Can be cast while mounted
  • Generates no threat
Effect #1

Create Item

Amount of created items: 1

Spear of Xuen

Effect #2

Kill Credit (Artifact of Pandaria)