Zijin Sting

Zijin Sting

Melee range

Infects the victim with a poison that increases all damage received by 3% but increases damage dealt 2% for 60 sec. The victim will be unable to stealth due to the purple glow they eminate for the duration of the effect.


Zijin Sting

Stacks up to 15 times

Damage taken increased 3%.
Damage increased by 2%.
Cannot stealth or turn invisible.

60 seconds remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameZijin Sting
SchoolsNatureDamage TypeMagic
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategorySpecial Category
Dispel TypePoison
  • Buff cannot be canceled
Effect #1

Mod Damage Taken (All)

Amount: +3%

Effect #2

Mod Damage Done (All)

Amount: +2%