Engorged Parasite

Engorged Parasite


Players with 12 stacks of Lingering Infection will spawn an Engorged Parasite whenever they are struck by Contagion.

Engorged Parasites will cast Parasitic Discharge when they reach full energy.

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameEngorged Parasite
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryNone
  • Cannot be avoided
  • Can be cast while mounted
  • Disregards immunity effects
  • Can be cast while stealthed
  • Can't be reflected
  • Generates no threat
  • Doesn't require line of sight
  • Cannot critically hit
  • Does not engage target
  • Cannot miss
  • Can be cast while stunned
  • Can be cast while feared
  • Can be cast while confused
Effect #1


Radius: 5 yard(s)

Value: 275,053