Relational Normalization Gizmo

Relational Normalization Gizmo

Approximately 1.5 procs per minute

Your spells and abilities have a chance to grow or shrink the world. Shrinking the world grants you 356 primary stat and 8,708 maximum health for 10 sec. Growing the world grants you 832 Haste and 25% movement speed for 10 sec.

Increases your Kul Tiran or Zandalari Engineering by 25.

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameRelational Normalization Gizmo
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryNone
Procs when
  • Player deals special (yellow) melee damage
  • Player deals special (yellow) ranged damage (with a bow, etc)
  • Player casts a beneficial spell
  • Player casts a harmful spell
  • Player deals periodic (DoT) damage
  • Player's hunter trap is stepped upon
  • Passive
Effect #2

Mod Skill - Temporary (Kul Tiran Engineering)

Amount: 25