Insatiable Torment

Insatiable Torment

200 yd range

Marks a player for an all-consuming hunger, reducing healing received by 100%. That target suffers 4 Shadow damage every 1 sec and triggers a Feed on the Unworthy every 2 sec.


Insatiable Torment

Healing received reduced by 100%.
4 Shadow damage inflicted every 1 sec.

Triggering Feed on the Unworthy every 2 sec.

0 seconds remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameInsatiable Torment
SchoolsShadowDamage TypeMagic
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategorySpecial Category
  • Can't be reflected
  • Doesn't require line of sight
  • Cannot miss
Effect #1

Mod Healing Taken

Amount: -100%

Effect #2


Effect #3

Unknown Aura #226

Value: 2

Effect #4

Periodically trigger spell (Every 1 sec)

Value: 7

Effect #5

Mod Size

Amount: +50%