Overcharge Mana

Overcharge Mana

Azerite Essence
Instant30 sec cooldown
Can't be cast in Travel Form, Ghost Wolf, Flight Form, Stealth, Spirit of Redemption

Overcharge your mana for 8 sec, causing each spell you cast to increase your healing by 4%, stacking.

While overcharged, your mana regeneration is halted, and you gain 10% haste.


Overcharge Mana


Each spell increases healing by 3%.
Mana regeneration halted.

8 seconds remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameOvercharge ManaRankAzerite Essence
SchoolsNatureDamage TypeMagic
Global Cooldown1.5 secCooldown CategoryGlobal
Dispel TypeMagic
  • Buff cannot be canceled
Effect #1

Mod Power Regen

Amount: -100%Mana

Effect #2

Decrease Attack Speed