Resonating Arrow

Resonating Arrow

40 yd range
Instant60 sec cooldown
Requires Hunter

Fire a resonating arrow to the target location that deals [ 20% of Attack Power ] Arcane damage to any enemy in the area, and fill the area with echoing anima for 10 sec. The effect causes your attacks to ignore line of sight to enemies in the area, and you have 30% increased critical strike chance against them.

Leaving the area of echoing anima will still allow the hunter to ignore line of sight towards the enemy for 4 sec.

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameResonating ArrowRankKyrian
Global Cooldown1.5 secCooldown CategoryGlobal
ClassHunterSkill LineKyrian
Effect #1

Trigger Missile

Radius: 15 yard(s)

Value: 100