Replica of Knowledge

Replica of Knowledge

Azerite Essence
40 yd range
1.5 sec cast
Can't be cast in Travel Form, Ghost Wolf, Flight Form, Spirit of Redemption

Replicate the energy in your target's Heart of Azeroth, gaining access to rank 3 of their currently slotted Major Essence for the next 15 sec. The Formless Void will go on cooldown for 30% longer than the base cooldown of the Essence you replicated.

Does not work on passive Essences.

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameReplica of KnowledgeRankAzerite Essence
Global Cooldown1.5 secCooldown CategoryGlobal
Dispel TypeMagic
  • Buff cannot be canceled
  • Generates no threat
Effect #1


Value: 3