Grudge Match

Grudge Match

40 yd range

Shiv causes enemies within 15 yards to take 40% increased damage from your Poisons and Bleeds for 9 seconds.


Grudge Match

Bleeds and Poisons from the Rogue deal increased damage.

9 seconds remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameGrudge Match
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryNone
Effect #1

Mod All Damage Done % by Caster

Radius: 15 yard(s)

Amount: +40%

Affected Spells

 Agonizing Poison Agonizing Poison Cannonball Barrage Cannonball Barrage Creeping Venom Creeping Venom Crimson Tempest Crimson Tempest Crimson Tempest Crippling Poison Crippling Poison Crippling Poison Crippling Poison Deadly Poison Deadly Poison Deadly Poison Deadly Poison Deadly Poison Deadly Poison Double Dose Double Dose Fractured Bone Shards Garrote Garrote Maldraxxus Covenant Ability Mind-Numbing Poison Mind-Numbing Poison Mind-Numbing Poison Nothing Personal Nothing Personal Numbing Poison Poison Bomb Poison Bomb Poisoned Wire Poisoned Wire Rupture Rupture Sepsis Sepsis Sepsis Sepsis Serrated Bone Spike Serrated Bone Spike Serrated Bone Spike Serrated Bone Spike Serrated Bone Spike Shellshocked Shiv Slaughter Poison Slaughter Poison Slaughter Poison System Shock System Shock