Intimidating Shout

Intimidating Shout

8 yd range
Instant2 min cooldown

The warrior shouts, causing enemies within 8 yards to cower in fear for 8 sec.


Intimidating Shout


8 seconds remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameIntimidating Shout
SchoolsPhysicalDamage TypeMagic
Global Cooldown1.5 secCooldown CategoryGlobal
MechanicfleeingProc Chance100%
Procs when
  • Player takes auto attack (white) melee damage
  • Player takes special (yellow) melee damage
  • Player takes auto attack (white) ranged damage (with a bow, etc)
  • Player takes special (yellow) ranged damage (with a bow, etc)
  • Player receives a harmful spell
  • Player takes periodic (DoT) damage
  • Can't be reflected
Effect #1

Trigger Spell

Effect #2


Radius: 8 yard(s)

Effect #3

Increase Run Speed

Radius: 8 yard(s)

Amount: +25%